The Vyaggio authentication uses the OAuth2 standard for authentication. After your application authenticates successfully you will receive an accesstoken. With this accesstoken you can call the operations of the Vyaggio API.

The accesstoken is a client accesstoken and grants access to global data, i.e. data not related to a user.

Error responses are the standard OAuth reponses.

Obtaining a client accesstoken

To obtain a client accesstoken you use the client credentials grant type (OAuth2 specification). This grant-type allows you to authenticate with only your client id and client secret. Since the client secret has to be stored with your application, this grant-type is recommended for applications running in a trusted environment, e.g. serverside applications. (example)

Grant-type 'client_credentials'

$ curl -v -X POST ""
       -d 'grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=<client id>&client_secret=<client secret>'